I organize art-, drawing-, mosaic- and Photoshop workshops at schools, birthdayparties, BSO's and companies! If you have any enquiries, please use the contactform.

• Artworkshops: the participant will create a big painting, which will be so impressive that it can be hung in the building. Also it's possible to organize a workshop for 2 hours, with small paintings which can be taken home.

• Mosaicbench: the participants will create a bench by a compilation of their own design.

• I am organizing bookworkshops. The participants will receive an explanation how a book is produced, how the illustrations are made, which procedures one will have to follow while creating a book. Also they will participate in a workshop to create their own illustration. Based on the books 'Mijn papa woont in Afrika' and 'Hallo, wie ben jij?'

• Interiorprojects, where color-advice and projects are combined! Cowparade-projects, large artworks, mobiles etc. can be created.

For five years I have been working as an art teacher and student coach at different secondary schools (Lower General Secondary Education (vmbo), Higher General Secondary Education (havo), pre-university education (vwo) and special education). I've learned that primary schools spent less attention to creativity, so I keep this in mind during my course to children.

If interested in the workshop, please contact me. I will need the name and age of your son/daughter and the phonenumber where you can be reached. Please have a look at projects to see the results of the different workshops.